Cancer Australia has developed six breast cancer online courses in collaboration with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM). The courses are available free of charge on ACRRM’s online learning platform. If you are not an ACRRM member and wish to apply for free access to these courses (sponsored via Cancer Australia), please click here to register.

Breast cancer contributes a significant burden to the Australian population.

To support the needs of people affected by breast cancer, a series of 6 best practice resources were developed.

The learning modules within the Breast Cancer package highlight some of these resources and encourage health professionals working with people affected by breast cancer to implement evidence-based practices.

Treatments for breast cancer are complex, given over extended periods of time, and often result in short and longer-term effects. People affected by breast cancer may need:

  • Information and support to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer due to modifiable behaviours.
  • Information and effective strategies to find breast cancer early
  • Information about new and emerging approaches to treat and manage breast cancer
  • A coordinated, multidisciplinary approach providing the latest evidence-based care
  • Supportive care approaches to prevent and manage the range of symptoms and effects associated with breast cancer and its treatment.

Breast cancer courses


Follow-up and survivorship care for early breast cancer

This course focuses on best practice follow-up and survivorship care for women who have completed active treatment for breast cancer.  The focus includes the follow-up schedule, the shared follow-up care model, management of treatment related side effects and providing psychosocial care.

Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine’s medical education and online learning platform

The younger woman with early breast cancer

This course focuses on the unique issues that require consideration when caring for a younger woman diagnosed with early breast cancer. Concerns include premature menopause, fertility and sexuality issues, and role functions that may be impacted - such as partnering, caring for young children, education and employment issues.

Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine’s medical education and online learning platform

Breast cancer - treatment options

This course focuses on the available treatment options following diagnosis and is divided into two parts. Module 1 concentrates on the referral process, treatment team and surgical treatment options. Module 2 covers chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal and targeted therapies.