The Australian Government has responded to support the needs of people affected by lung cancer through the development of best practice resources. The learning modules within the Lung Cancer package highlight these resources and encourage health professionals working with people affected by lung cancer to implement evidence based practices.

Lung cancer is the 5th most commonly diagnosed cancer after prostate, bowel, breast and melanoma of the skin1 and contributes a significant burden to the Australian population.

In 2010, lung cancer was the most common cause of cancer death for men and women1.

Whilst survival rates have improved, they remain poor, with five-year relative survival currently 14.1%1

So what do people affected by lung cancer need?

  • Information and support to reduce their risk of developing lung cancer due to modifiable behaviours.
  • Information and effective strategies to find lung cancer early.
  • Information about new and emerging approaches to treat and manage lung cancer.
  • A coordinated, multidisciplinary approach providing the latest evidence-based care.
  • Recognition of the effects of stigma contributing to psychological distress and impaired quality of life.
  • Supportive care approaches to prevent and manage the range of symptoms and treatment effects associated with lung cancer.
  • Timely and effective transitioning to palliative care.
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